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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Short Story (Part 2)

     Suddenly he becomes aware of someone standing behind him and he feels his body stiffen in fear.
      "GET up soldier. We received our orders. We are to move out and hook up with Delta company. Full kit. Bugging out in 30."

     "Sir, yes, sir." He says after hastily jumping up and saluting sardonically. "And a big old fuck you, to you as well Sarge." Although this is after he is already well out of ear shot, just in case. He doesn't need to be court martialed for insubordination with only a week left in his rotation.

     Only a week more, then he can get back to his wife and child. The only things that truly matter to him. A smile flirts across his face, twitching up his lips only temporarily. It's hard to stay happy in a place like the shit hole he is in. And being happy can distract you and even one distraction can be the difference between life and death out here.

     As he gets into the armored Humvee he is still thinking about them. And why not? His company hasn't even seen any real action.

     "5 Dead in Roadside Bombing" screamed the newspaper headlines the next day. The story went on to give the ranks and names of the dead, and to say that they were only a week away from returning home. 

     "Well, looks like they will be coming home early." He said casually as he tossed the paper into the trash, straightened his tie and went to take his wife and child out for lunch.

That's the end. Feedback is appreciated on the writing itself  or on what you thought of the story.

All wars are civil wars, because all men are brothers.
Francois Fenelon


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