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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Short Story

This is the beginning of a short story I decided to start writing. Not totally sure where it is going but I just want to get this up, maybe get some feedback on it, mostly I just didn't want to forget it.

     He opened his eyes slowly, tentatively, as if he was still unsure whether it was something he wanted to do. The light streaming in through the window and onto his face had finally woken him, and now as his eyes opened he felt it pouring into his head like molten lava, searing his retinas and leaving him temporarily blind. As he blinked away the sunspots, he reached for the clock that was normally on his night table. Why wasn't it there?

     Rolling over in the small single cot he presses his face against the cold wall, a shocking difference from the intense heat of the sun, like being pushed into a pool of ice water on a scorching summer day. Lying there with his cheek against the wall a wave of calmness comes over him as he finally grasps the thought that has been nagging at him.

You get what you give, you give what you get
Just the way it's always been.


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