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Wednesday, March 9, 2011


     What have I gotten myself into? - That was the thought running around in my head like one of those repeating LED signs just after I had shaken hands with one of my friends. I had agreed to something almost unthinkable. I had agreed to go off swearing for lent because apparently not one of my friends has any confidence in me.

     They may have a bit of a reason to, I mean I tend to swear like a wounded pirate. And I'm not talking a flesh wound. I'm talking get out the bone saw and wooden limbs (not just one), type of wounded pirate. Either way it still wasn't appreciated aren't friends supposed to believe in you? (:P)

     SO, now I have 40 days wherein I have to attempt to not swear at all (or as little as possible, lets be realistic). Although I'm dreading this I'm also looking forward to it as a way to maybe better myself.

     No matter how it ends, it's going to be an adventure and a half especially with my room mate (another wounded pirate - what kindred spirits).

And without further ado, a quote: 

 Write your Sad times in Sand, Write your Good times in Stone.
- George Bernard Shaw

P.s. Doesn't really relate to the blog but it is an awesome quote, so there.

It’s now or never. Collision with me, myself, and I. RC

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