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Friday, March 25, 2011

Loneliest Day

Mesmerize the simple minded
Propaganda leaves us blinded

 I was watching the movie Disturbed today and I forgot it had a System of a Down song (Loneliest Day). Both the movie and the song are really good in my opinion. 

Anyways it reminded my of the song Hypnotize, so I posted this picture (which I have the poster of hanging in my room) and 2 of the lines from that song. 

Plus, one of my bro's favourite bands is System so we listened to more.

(I also have a Welcome to the Party poster, a Pulp Fiction poster and an artists rendering of a hydrogen bomb exploding. Who's awesome? That's right)

Enough gloating. I leave you with this

"I'm Barney Stinson, I don't get smitten, I smite!"

B.Y.O.B. RC.

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