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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Reading Is For Intellectual Baddonkeys

He whispered, "Do you love?" 
Somewhere, far across the empty lake, a loon screamed.

     Recently I bought Stephen King's new book Full Dark No Stars, which is a collection of 4 short stories or novelettes, or what have you. Anyways it reminded me how much I like him as an author. 

    What he writes is pure an adulterated horror. For example the quote above is from a short called The Raft which is in another collection called The Skeleton Crew. Even though all these stories are short they still manage too chill you to the bone . Sometimes he takes normal, everyday objects and turns them into things of pure terror. Yes he has some that are about alien/unexplained phenomenon. But a lot are situation's that you could find yourself in, which is the truly terrifying thing.

     One such example of this is the story Survivor Type. It's about a surgeon who get's stranded on an island and ends up amputating a broken ankle. The story goes downhill from there (for the character, not the writing itself). Anyways the last line is - lady fingers they taste just like lady fingers 

     Just like that no punctuation and it is so powerful that it makes you shiver. And, for me, that is the measure of a good horror story. That chill you get running up and down not only your spine but your entire body.

     Anyways, if you like horror (even if you don't) I recommend checking out some of Stephen King's stuff. It is terrifying, but you can't stop. Like an accident that you can't tear your eyes away from.

     Enough of that, and on to another subject. Lent. So far I'm going good with my promise. I've almost sworn a couple of times but so far the counter is still at 0.

     And I realized I haven't talked about hockey in any of my blogs. Naturally, since I live near Toronto I am a Maple Leafs fan (always will be). Tonight, they beat Buffalo 4-3 bringing them a little closer to the place they haven't been in a while - namely the playoffs. I'm trying not to get too excited about it but it would be pretty awesome for them to go through.

That's all for now, unless I think of something more later.
Grab onto my arm now. Hold tight. We are going into a number of dark places, but I think I know the way. Just don't let go of my arm. And if I should kiss you in the dark, it's no big deal; it's only because you are my love.

There are always more tales. RC.

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